After my PhD in Economics, I joined the University of Oxford as a postdoctoral research fellow of the Wellbeing Research Centre. I also serve as an associate researcher at the Centre for Economic Performance (London School of Economics) and at the French Wellbeing Observatory (CEPREMAP). 


My research lies at the intersection of behavioral economics, social psychology and philosophy of science.


I am interested in how human beings navigate the complexities of time and knowledge. This motivates my studies on memory (what are the implications of forgetting and misrecalling for judgments and decisions), subjective wellbeing (how people evaluate their feelings and how these evaluations can help guide public policies), inter-temporal choice (when and how people sacrifice for the future) and motivated cognition (how people decide what they want to know). I also work on the promotion of sustainable behaviors and institutions.  

I have been collecting and analyzing different types of data: from experiments, large surveys, administrative registers and websites.

You can contact me at: alberto[dot]prati[at]sciencespo[dot]fr
You can meet me at:

Brain Affective Lab seminar (University College of London), 18th November 2021.