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I am an Assistant Professor in Economics at UCL.
I also serve as a Research Fellow at the University of Oxford and as an Associate Researcher at the London School of Economics. 

I am a behavioural economist, working on:


  • wellbeing (Which social factors influence feelings of happiness and misery? How should we measure these feelings? And how can these measures help guide public policies?);

  • memory and beliefs (What role does memory play in the formation of beliefs? How beliefs and desires shape each other? Why do people disagree?);

  • sustainability and future orientation (What can institutions do to fight climate change? When and why people sacrifice for the future? How can we measure it?)

You can contact me at:
You can meet me at:

ISQOLS webinar (online, 1st Novemeber 2023)

Research Keywords:

life satisfaction, subjective well-being, self-narrative, memory, motivated beliefs, motivated reasoning, evaluative judgments, bias, carbon footprint, time preferences, measurement, methodology, experiment, survey.

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